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Winterize your sprinkler system

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First, if you are going to be away from Robson Ranch when a very cold freeze is expected, I suggest you turn off the water to your home at the main valve at the street and open a couple of outside facuets.  Especially if you are away for an extended period.  You will need a key to lift the cover.  You should have one anyway in case you have a water emergency.

Following are the steps to winterize your sprinkler system so you do not end up with broken pipes or valves.  All homes at Robson Ranch have a valve that is above ground and usually under a "hot rock".  If you do not winterize your sprinkler, the result can be a frozen valve that will require replacement. 


First you must locate the main sprinkler valve.  In the photo above the main valve is on the right and the main sprinkler valve is on the left.  In this case, they are next to each other.  But many times they are not, so you have to locate the main sprinkler valve.


Shown above is the main sprinkler valve.  The red handle is in line with the pipe when the water is on to the sprinkler.  To shut the valve off, turn the red handle so it is perpendicular to the pipe.  Most often, the main sprinkler valve is under water and sometimes under dirt.


Most homes have the above ground sprinkler value under a "hot rock". Some do not have a hot rock.                                                                                                                                              


There are two small relief valves circled in the photo.   The slots are perpendicular so the relief valves are closed.  Take a slot screwdriver and turn the slots 90 degrees, now the relief valves are open.  Any water left in the pipes can freeze but will cause no damage.

Reverse the process to put the sprinkler system back in service.


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Please note:  Robson Ranch is a 55+ community, but 20% can be younger provided one resident is at least 40.  No one can be a permanent resident if less than 19.

Please note: we are Realtors and not employees of the Robson Ranch Sales Office

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