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Information will be posted here for you to use in having your Robson Ranch home value (appraisal) reduced at the Denton County Appraisal District (DCAD).  In the past, DCAD has raised most appraisals and expects for you to come talk to an appraiser. In most cases, your appraisal will be lowered, lowering you property tax for 2016  If you have not protested your appraisal the year before, your appraisal this year may be lowered by DCAD.  Don't be fooled by this, you may still be able to lower the appraisal more.  This year may be a bit different since resale home prices are increasing.

 If you are over 65, this may be the last year you will need to protest your appraisal value.  You school tax is already frozen and City property taxes will be frozen.(Be sure to vote for the Tax Freeze on the May 6 ballot, early voting starts April 24 thru May 2)  It is likely that the county tax could also be frozen, but it is not enough to worry about.


 In the past, I was able to post all of the resale homes sold along with thier sold price.  The MLS tells me I cannot put this on a  website.  But you can email me and I will send all of the sales from 2016 and upto date in 2017.

DCAD does post the comps they would be using.  You can find the comps at the bottom of your home information on DCAD website.  Some of the appraisers will let you use 2017 comps through April.  In the past, it depends on the appraiser you get.

You do not have to have someone else do the protest for you, all you will need will be here.  In fact, if you go to DCAD with nothing you probably could have your appraisal lowered.  But it will be much better if you go informed.  You can also have someone else put the info together for you, and someone can do the protest for you.  I do not recommend the services that take a portion of the savings as compensation as much as 30%..



Use this link to print DCAD info on you home. (

Here is the approximate time line. 
 The 2017 appraisal values for homes will be mailed the first week in May.  The values will not be posted on DCAD website until they are mailed to the homeowner.  You will have 30 days from the time the new values were mailed to meet with an appraiser or file a protest.  Once you file a protest, you will have until the middle of July to meet with an appraiser.  If you do not file a protest within the 30 days, you possibly will not be able to change the value that DCAD assigned for your home.

I recommend that you go early after you receive your notice.  There will be very few people coming early.  If you wait much later, when the time comes for you to go to DCAD,you can make an appointment with an appraiser to shorten your wait time.  The number to call is 940-349-3910.  A voice will tell you to leave a message.  Just hit "0" to get an operator.  Call at 8 -9 am on the day you want to go.  Have your property ID or address ready and a time you want to come.  (I think they will stil do this).  They only make appointments for the day you call.  The operator will give you a ticket number to give them when you check in at the appraisal office.  If you have an appointment, you will go to the head of the line.  When you call later in the day, you end up in a que.  Last year, I went a couple of days after the new values were received.  There was only a couple of people there.  If you wait near the dead line, it will be very crowded.

 You do not have to use the same model as yours as a comparable, but it should be close to the same square feet and lot type.  You can  make a lot adjustment so you can use any comp close to your square footage regardless the lot type.   The lot values for all homes are available on DCAD's website.   The records in DCAD are public record.  You can look at any home in Robson Ranch.  Since DCAD has to treat everyone equally.  If you find a home that is identical to yours, with a lower appraised value than yours, you can use that information to lower your value. 

 Homes sold in 2016. 

Since there is no public record of the new home sales, DCAD has obtained the sale prices from the new owners.  DCAD will send a letter requesting what was paid for the home, but the new owner does not have to tell them.  If you closed on a new home in 2016, DCAD will not talk to you unless you show them the closing statement  showing what you paid for the home.  If DCAD appraised your home you bought in 2016 for more than you paid, then take your HUD-1 to show DCAD and they will change the appraisal to that value.  If DCAD has the value less than you paid, do nothing and wait until next year.

General Information for protesting

DCAD uses something called "mass appraisal" to determine the value of all homes.  I have asked several time to please explain "mass appraisal".  I still have no idea exactly what it is.  All I know is they raised just about every value last year.  DCAD makes their appraisers available and expect just over 50% of homeowners to protest.  In most cases, the value was lowered.  It depends on the appraiser you draw and DCAD tries to not let you talk to another appraiser if you come more than once.  

It is not a good idea to go in with a bad attitude.  You need to have your facts well researched and organized.  DCAD only wants to use sales, but if you can find homes that are very comparable to yours that are valued lower, Texas law says everyone must be treated equally.  This was the case for 2-story homes in 2009, since none were sold in 2009.

You do not have to use comparables that are the same model as yours, but they should be close in size.  When a home is sold, the upgrades  in the home affect the price.  But DCAD does not have access to all of the upgrades in a home.  All they have is the square feet of A/C (I know several where DCAD does not have the correct square footage).  If DCAD is using a home with many upgrades as a comp to your home that does not have all of the upgrades, you need to have the info to show DCAD.  Depending on the appraiser, they may or may not listen.  For all resale homes sold in 2015 and 2016  contact me by email.    I also have the MLS sheets on all 2016 and 2017  sales so you can compare upgrades and amenities.

Following are questions I asked DCAD and their responces:

I asked what the cut off date was for comps.

We will look at any sales that you have to the current date. If you bring in a sale that is very current, the information may not be in the system at this point. The appraisal date is as of Jan 1 2011, sales around that date are preferred.

Thanks for your request.

Kyle Wilhite
Residential Supervisor

I am hearing that some appraisers will only use golf course lot comps for homes on the golf course at Robson Ranch.  I guess I do not understand why.  You have a value on all of the lots.  If the houses are the same and the lots are different, you have a difference in the lot values.  Are you saying the the values you place on the lots are wrong?  Please clarify.

We will try to look at the most comparable properties that have sold.  If you have a golf course lot we would like to compare it to golf course sales if we have enough of them, if not we have no problem going to an interior lot and appropriately adjusting.  Hope this helps.
Terry D. Hancock, RPA
Residential Supervisor

I requested comps for my home from DCAD.  This is the answer I received.


Most realtors are very familiar with the appeal process and will gladly help you gather comparable sales to help your case.  Even if you come in with absolutely nothing the appraiser will pull the most comparable properties in your area that have sold and try to figure out what your property would typically sell for.  We do list all non-confidential sales on our website that we have to help you get started.  In order to look at the confidential sales you must come in and talk to an appraiser or file a protest before your deadline. Hope this helps.
Terry D. Hancock, RPA
Residential Supervisor

Request sent to DCAD


Request sent to DCAD


Does DCAD have access to the MLS for information on sold homes?   Do you use the solds from the MLS?  If not, where do you find the comparables to do the mass appraisal and individual appraisals?  It is my understanding that Robson Ranch does not give DCAD the sold price of new sales.  Is this true?


yes we do have access to the MLS and we do use sold properties when analyzing property values.  we also send out sales letters requesting the information from both the seller and buyer.  if the sale is a new home and the owner does not complete the sales letter that we send then we do not get the information.

Cheryl Martin


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Please note:  Robson Ranch is a 55+ community, but 20% can be younger provided one resident is at least 40.  No one can be a permanent resident if less than 19.

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