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See why living at Robson Ranch is more than a home, it's an active, retirement lifestyle.  The following links are to Randy Hatcher's Photo Galleries.

Robson Ranch "Shutterbug" Photos around the Ranch

Karaoke and Dance Night by the Music Club August 2009

Link to Randy Hatcher's Robson Ranch July 4, 2009 Parade

Music Club...Rock and Roll

Music Club 2008 Christmas Concert

Saturday Night Christmas Dance 2008

Opening of the Arts and Technology Center

Karaoke and Dance Party, November 2008

Robson Ranch Choir-Veterans Day Concert

Fourth of July Parade 2008

Robson Ranch Hoedown

Robson Ranch Halloween Party

Robson Ranch Crafts Bazar

Pool Party, July 21, 2008


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Photos of Robson Ranch Events on Picasa

Please note:  Robson Ranch is a 55+ community, but 20% can be younger provided one resident is at least 40.  No one can be a permanent resident if less than 19.

Please note: we are Realtors and not employees of the Robson Ranch Sales Office

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