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Women's Club Makes a Difference in Denton's Family Life

By Peggy Crandell

One Saturday last October, The Robson Ranch Women's Club furnished lunches for Habitat volunteers.  When Gloria Hardisty and Peggy Crandell delivered those lunches, they met Jose and Maria Morataya and their six children, the family for which the house was being built.  Maria, Jose and their children were there working along side the volunteers on their future home.

The Moratays's previous home was destroyed when a drunk driver drove his van through four walls of their house, trapping Maria in the carnage for over three hours.  Her very survival was in question.  This split-second event changed the Moratays's family life forever.  Both parents were working and suddenly their family had only one income.  This, along with the overwhelming medical bills, forced the family of eight to move into a one-bedroom apartment.  After enduring 17 surgeries and battling courageously to recover, Maria and her family were blessed with a new Habitat home in December 2007.

Because we were so touched by this family's story, we reached out to our Robson community to help Maria and her family.  Our residents opened their kind hearts and generous wallets to donate $4,190.  Sherry Criffield, Anne Owens, and Peggy Crandell accessed and prioritized the needs of the family, then spent many hours of comparison shopping to meet these needs.  With the generous support of two local merchants, Murray Appliances and Adams Furniture, our community was able to provide a washer and dryer; dishwasher, dining table and eight chairs; and beds.  Also a microwave, coffee table, lamps, bedding and bookshelves were donated by individual Robson residents.

The funds for this project were administered through the Women's Club, but donations came in from across our community.  Maria was our guest at the April luncheon, at which time she expressed her family's and her gratitude to our Women's Club and all residents of Robson Ranch.  The women were very moved by Maria's beautiful smile, relentless spirit, and humble appreciation.

The Moratayas, as Maria stated, were so blessed by our generosity and kindness.  However, I personally think we are the ones blessed and are better for taking the opportunity to share.  I love this community because of the wonderful people who live here.  Once again, Robson Ranch residents have come together to help others.


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Please note:  Robson Ranch is a 55+ community, but 20% can be younger provided one resident is at least 40.  No one can be a permanent resident if less than 19.

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